Monday, October 12, 2009

Jesus Was A Rebel.

What is a Rebel?

What do you think of when you hear that word?

For the most part, people associate the word Rebel with someone who is bad or does wrong. Someone who opposes something good. They don't listen to authority. They don't obey.

A rebel has their own agenda. Their own plan. Their own ideals.

It's safe to say that the world is often times a terrible place. Sin and curruption consume the earth on a daily basis. A murder here, a lie there, some lust, plus adultery. It never ceases. It never ends. Sin crawls in the shadows of the earth 24/7.

Sin is everywhere. Everyone sins. Sin is a product and a government of Satan. As we know, it's what he uses to make people fall into dark helpless corruption.

There is no such thing as a sinful rebel anymore. Because everyone has rebelled in a sinful manner, so If everyone is doing it... what are they rebelling? It is technically no longer rebellious to sin.

Because we see it so often. In the media, in the papers, and in our every day life. Sinful rebellion is a part of life. It influences, and effects us every single day.

Rebellion in the terms of doing something bad or sinful, is now a way of life. It starts as soon as we're born, and stays with us until we die. We may not be a crazed rebel with a gun getting ready to kill someone. Or a rebel in school who doesn't follow the rules. But we may know someone who is. Sinful rebellion is everywhere.

It's no longer rebellious to sin...

Enter our Savior.

Jesus Christ came into this earth. Not with guns blarring. Not with a sword of fire. Not with death.

He came with a message.
He came with a purpose.
He came with his perfect will.
He came to rebel.

Jesus rebelled AGAINST sin.
His message was LOVE.
He stood against sin.
He stood against such things that make us fall every day.

Jesus came in as a perfect being. His message was pure. Love one another! Follow him and accept him into your heart. Drop your life, your thoughts, your ideals. And follow him. He asked the people to rebel against their sinful lives, to live a sinless life with him. In one love!

What happened?

People didn't want to accept him. Why would they? Christ was a rebel. The people were so against this Rebel-Savior, that they asked for one of their own... A man by the name Barrabas. They screamed out his name. "BARABAS! FREE BARABAS!" A murderer.
Pilate listened and freed Barabas.

So, it was set... Jesus was to die. A rebels death.

He was beaten, bruised, and crucified.... But He didn't give them anything! He didn't back talk. He didn't smite them for doing what they did. He kept quiet. He rebelled against his anger and the emotions that were rushing in his mind. He rebelled against the thoughts he could have shouted out in a sinful manner.
He was a rebel.

He rose again, and made it possible for us to be with him. Jesus rebelled against death. He went into hell and back. Tell me that isn't the greatest rebel ever!

He left us his legacy. He left his disciples to spread his word. He encouraged them to make rebels of all men.

Those rebels are now called Christians.

I'm a bonafied rebel. Jesus told us to be the difference. He told us not to conform to the ways of the world. He told us to fight satans lies. He told us to Love. He told us to rebel.

That is EXACTLY what I plan to be. I will follow his steps. I will be a rebel for the Lord our God.

Will you join me? Will you rebel? Rebel against a sinful society? Rebel against Satan?

I challenge you to think on it. Being a Christian isn't just about sitting in a pew on sundays. It's about being the change. It's about rebelling against all evil. Satan is trying to conform everyone to his destructive ways. What life will you choose?

Be like our Savior, Jesus Christ. Be a Rebel.